Short Description: Itty bitty ‘gram-worthy cafe with pristine coffee and gooey stroopwafels.

Long Description: You know in romantic comedies when the leads start off hating each other because of a misunderstanding, and slowly realize maybe they’re not so bad, and then wake up one day to find they are madly in love? That’s my relationship with Prince Coffee. When it opened in my neighborhood I thought it was just another well-lit hipster shop full of mustachioed baristas wearing non-prescription Ray Ban glasses and serving overpriced coffee. And it’s not not all of those things… But I can’t deny I love it.

You’ll find it hidden on a random side street in the North Portland neighborhood of Kenton (so north it’s practically Washington). This tiny cafe has just enough seating and plenty of rustic-cool vibes, with repurposed wood and tropical greenery and that stupid “boxed water.” Is it a coffee shop or a mid-century minimalist furniture gallery? It doesn’t matter because their espresso is expertly crafted (they use esteemed local roasters, like Coava and Heart) and they serve stroopwafels, made in house. This Dutch treat consists of spiced syrup sandwiched between ultra-thin waffle-like cookies that are the perfect amount of crispy and chewy. Said homemade syrup is also available as a coffee add-in, if you want to transform your latte into a sweet, chai-reminiscent beverage that tastes like Christmas in the Netherlands.

The baristas are the typical well-trained, youthful models you see at coffee shops around town, but for some reason I don’t hate them as much as other hipster cafes. Maybe because they’re actually nice? Or because my brain is high on stroopwafel syrup when I’m there? (Also I’m a sucker for adorable branding and their logo is a pair of narwhales, which are the unicorns of the sea and how can you hate that?)