Short Description: Trendy, small-batch roaster producing high-end coffee beverages.

Long Description: Online sources reassure me that Ristretto’s “hand roasted” beans are not held over fires in people’s palms. Instead, Ristretto focuses on small-batch coffee, placed into roasters by hand. Currently I’m drinking an Ethiopian drip coffee, which is mellow and smooth with a hint of tartness. The cafe on William’s has an industrial feel to it, with angular, boxy architecture. The seating varies from long community tables to bars to a black, glass-like coffee table at the center of comfy chairs. I’d come back here for meetings, quiet productivity, or for a pit stop while stopping into the various shops on Williams. The street is an odd mix of new apartments, office complexes, and old houses, which speaks to the transition that Portland currently finds itself in. Ristretto Roasters is definitely a mark of where the city is headed in terms of style, though the coffee meets the city’s long-standing standard of excellence.