Short Description: Sparse, nouveau-rustic cafe with large tables, few seats, and top-tier coffee.

Long Description: Coava Roasters on Grand Ave. was one of the first cafes I visited in Portland EVER. Among my friends, it had a reputation for being a must-visit for being a leader in artisan coffee beverages in Portland. The cafe is literally a warehouse that shares the space with another company, “Bamboo Revolution”, which (surprise) makes bamboo products. As a result, there are tables on display that aren’t available for customers to use, which could definitely be a source of frustration to some. But otherwise, brace yourself for one of the best coffee experiences you will have in town. The cafe takes pride in its process and product, and as a result the company hires knowledgeable and award-winning baristas from across America. Coava, in my opinion, is in the top three roasteries worth visiting  (along with Stumptown and Water Ave) when getting the lay-of-the-land of Portland coffee. It should be noted that this isn’t a great cafe to get work done in. Seating is limited, power sources are few (but available). I’d recommend coming here with friends as a pit stop before romping around Southeast.