Short Description: Cute & trendy cafe with an eye for style and a taste for excellent coffee.

Long Description: Dapper & Wise from the outside reminds me of an Anthropologie storefront. Large glass windows reveal a stark-white interior with designy lights and shelves. In the space you’ll find a variety of seating, with bar, table, and comfy-chair options. I feel like I should be wearing dress shoes and a tie. However, the store pushes an agenda of “fun”. The menu offers free high-fives, the music is upbeat and light, and the staff is helpful and friendly. It’s almost as if someone took a Heart Coffee cafe and taught it how to have a good time. The coffee experience is classy. I got an oily drip coffee with a nice, round tartness. The cafe also offers weekly coffee cuppings (tastings) and classes for anyone looking to expand their coffee knowledge. Bottom line is that I would love to work on projects or conduct business at this spot. It seems to be best suited for locals who are looking to being their foray into the coffee-world. There isn’t much for tourists here, unless you want a great coffee experience before window shopping on Division Street.