Short Description: Pacific Northwest cafe chain with gold & leather everywhere.

Long Description: Black Rock Coffee Bar is an excellent place to post up for a study session. Access to plugs is moderate (better than most places). There is plenty of seating of all kinds: barstools, tables, comfy chairs of various heights. It even has a fireplace. As far as coffee selection goes, you’ll find some overlap with your good old neighborhood Starbucks (blended iced drinks). The cafe has more in common with Dutch Bros. Coffee than with Stumptown, but it commands a unique niche for customers who want an easy, accessible, and classy getaway. I’m not going to come here for a craft espresso experience, but I will definitely come here because it’s open until 9:00pm and the vibe is distinct. It’s like the den of a really cool grandpa.

Today’s Drink: Lemon Hibiscus Iced Tea.