Short Description: Simple and elegant cafe with espresso and toast options.

Long Description: Upper Left Roasters is one of the leaders in creating a beautiful space with high standards for its coffee. Located in the northwest (or upper left) corner of Ladd’s Addition, the cafe is large, has plenty of seating, and exudes a calming atmosphere. The interior is marked by stark white walls and cream-colored wood surfaces. On sunny days like today, you might even want to utilize the various bar seating available beneath umbrellas outside. This cafe appears to be designed with its customers needs clearly defined. There are tables everywhere for various types of work, whether it be solo computer-based tasks (bar seating along the wall) or meetings with groups (long tables in the center of the room). Upper Left’s website states that its mission was to create a vibrant meeting space, and it has achieved exactly that. Espresso-wise I have not been disappointed by this place, but today I am checking out their toast before heading out to do some grocery shopping.

Today’s drink: Water, paired with banana spelt toast.