Short Description: Portland’s famous coffee chain in a fun, low-key neighborhood.

Long Description: I really, really like Stumptown, and I was surprised to find that there was a cafe on Division Street. The area immediately surrounding the cafe is mostly residential, though five blocks west you’ll find restaurants, boutiques, and diversions. This particular Stumptown has lots of table seating, including a nook with two large coffee tables and long benches. The clientele today is hip and busy. People are working on their MacBooks at almost every table, and customers are catching up with the baristas about old friends. The vibe is calm (echoey indie pop plays) and it feels a little bit like hanging out in a friend’s garage. When tourists ask what coffee shops to visit, I always mention Stumptown, and this cafe is definitely in the top tier of options within the chain.

Today’s Drink: Small batch cold brew. Immediately upon drinking it has a copper-like front, and a slightly gritty mouthfeel. My girlfriend L got a Horchata Cold Brew (part of a summer promotion) and it is good, though tastes less like horchata and more like iced coffee with cinnamon, milk, and sugar added (which it almost definitely is).